Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My cup runneth over

Wow, this week just keeps getting better and better. Today, the mail lady slogged her way through the snow piling up in our yard to hand deliver my Wondermill Junior grinder! It's the niftiest thing. It's a hand cranked wheat grinder, so you can grind wheat berries into fresh whole wheat flour. I did a lot of research online on which was the best grinder to get, then I asked Lyle what he's heard. Lyle is the owner of the local bulk foods store, and he's Amish, so I figured he'd be the one to talk to about this, especially since I wanted one that didn't require electricity to run. He said a family from their church bought wheat berries from him and ground it up, so he'd ask them what kind of grinder they used, if they liked it, etc. So, last week when I was there, he showed me a picture of the grinder the family said they used. It was ELECTRIC! We've got cheater Amish in our town! It's bad enough they cruise around on tractors, but now they're plugging in their wheat grinders, too. If you can't trust an Amish family to not use electric wheat grinders, who in the world CAN you trust? What is this world coming to? I can't wait to try out my new grinder and show those slacker Amish that some of us around here don't need to depend on electricity to do our simple daily chores. :p

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Tanya T said...

Ha,ha, ha, that had me laughing my butt off. Yeah, those Amish slackers! Too funny!