Tuesday, March 8, 2011

oooo, shiny

My ability to get excited over little things has hit rock bottom today. Yesterday, I told you about our new water softener and the damage done to our dishes because we had limey water for so long. Today, I decided that since our water was all nice and softy now, I was going to get rid of all the lime deposits on our glasses because, frankly, they were gross to drink out of, especially now that I had the option of having them shiny. So, I soaked all our drinking glasses and coffee mugs in vinegar, then hand washed them. A five minute soak in a tub of vinegar made them all look soooo purdee! I had to go show hubs the difference between a soaked and a non-soaked glass and he snapped a picture of me holding the 2 different glasses to forever preserve my housewifely nerdiness into eternal posterity. Once I was done soaking the glasses, which took all morning because I only had enough vinegar to soak 2 glasses at a time half way (so I had to flip them over at the 5 min mark), it averaged 5 minutes a glass, I filled the dishwasher with all the bowls and plates I could fit in, emptied the vinegar tub into the dishwasher and ran it, thus deliming our plates and bowls as well. I am now happy to announce that you can come over to my house to eat and drink and I won't be embarrassed about the state of my tableware (I won't give any promises about the quality of my cooking though).

While I was deliming, I also did a bunch of laundry. The house rule is: if you want your clothes washed, you must have them sorted in the laundry room. All the kids claimed their laundry was sorted, so I went to work. When I take the clothes out of the dryer, I toss them on the sofa, then fold them and put them into individual piles for each person to pick up and put away in their room at the end of laundry day. FOUR of the people in this family had normal sized piles, about what you'd expect from about five days worth of dirty laundry. But, WE's pile on the other hand, was sorely lacking. He had a pair of jeans, one ripped tee-shirt, a sweatshirt and one sock (not one pair, one sock). He showers and changes clothes on a daily basis, so I'm really curious as to where in the world the rest of his laundry ran off to. Maybe his teen age boy funk reacts with the fabric, making it dissolve into a pile of lint after a certain amount of time. So, instead of laundering, a regular vacuuming is all that's required to take care of his dirty clothes. I suppose that saves on water and laundry detergent, but would cost a fortune in vacuum cleaner bags.

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