Friday, March 4, 2011

I don't know if you should send an ambulance or a hearse

I'm still sick - sicker than I've been in years, I think. And, I'm not getting the required amount of sympathy from my family because most of them are and/or have been sick already. I WANT MY SYMPATHY NOW DARN IT!!!
This morning, I was laying in bed, half dead, and at 7:38 hubs asks if I'm going to take a shower. I said yeah, then he said, okay, the nurse is going to be here in 22 minutes. Nurse? Then I remembered that he had told me that a nurse was going to come today to do physicals for a new life insurance policy we're taking out. What he didn't tell me was that she was coming at 8 o'clock in the least he didn't tell me that until 22 minutes to eight. Fortunately, I have the ability to speed shower, so I was out by 7:50 with freshly shaved legs and 3 feet of drippy hair hanging down my back. When she showed up at around 8:02, I even had the coffee maker going. I've got speed skilz.

I learned something interesting about myself this week. A local radio station was giving out a survey and for the first 100 surveys taken they were going to pull out 5 names of surveyors who would win a 2 night stay at a resort in Door County (that little sticky-out thumb part of Wisconsin) where all the cool kids go on vacation. The survey asked my opinion on several different songs and I had to click on numbers 1-5 how much I liked them. My personal system I developed was a song ranked a '5' if I cranked up the radio and sang along with the entire song when it came on the radio. A '4' was a cranked radio singing only the chorus, a '3' was a don't even touch the volume knob, a two was a possible station change if it came on and a '1' was when I would cringe and immediately change the station. It was while doing this that I realized that a lot of Beatles songs ranked a '1' for me. (sorry Jeanie) I knew I didn't really care for the Beatles, but I didn't realize that they ranked right along with Neal Young on the cringe scale. Who woulda thunk? I don't know if the station will listen to me and purge the Fab 5 from their playlist, but I can only hope. (I can only hope more that they pick my name for the resort package, for that, I'll even listen to Eleanor Rigby a couple times)


JeanieC said...

Sorry you're sick, DD. :-(

And no need to apologize for not liking the same music I like. I always say it would be a darn dull world if we all liked the same things.

Adamsdarling said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Did the nurse at least give you some sympathy?