Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is springing

I don't want to commit myself to saying spring has sprung, because it's only March 16, and I do remember enough about Wisconsin winters to know that snow has no problem falling around here right up until May and most of the time, there's still frost danger until Memorial Day weekend. BUT, it was GORGEOUS yesterday. About 45-50 degrees and beautifully sunny. I was in town doing some grocery shopping and I was driving around with the windows open. There I was, windows open, cruising along the interstate at 70mph and Journey comes on the radio, so I got to sing Faithfully along with Steve Perry at the top of my lungs. Does life get any better?

Actually, yeah, it's going to get great on Friday when I meet up with 3 of my friends for a girls night out, and since it's been so long since we were together, we're getting hotel rooms and having our girls night out overflow into Saturday. Yay us! Hubs left today for Washington DC and a friend's wedding, so the kids will be on their own on Friday, so they're looking forward to a parent-free night as well. Cool thing going on. The friend who's getting married has a friend in the military (I think he's military, anyway) who lives in the same place as Angel #1, so he's giving #1 a ride to the wedding, as well. So, not only is hubs going to have fun at the wedding, but he gets to see our little boy, too. I'll have to have #1 give me a report on the ceremony. The guy getting married has been a family friend forever and considers hubs an older brother. He's asked hubs to officiate at the wedding. I'm sure that's bound to be interesting. Since the bride just moved here from Thailand, she's never been to an American wedding, so, no matter what happens, she'll think it's normal, because she doesn't know any better. Poor thing is in for a BIG education.

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