Friday, March 25, 2011

Everyone gets their 15 minutes

Have you ever just cruised around the web and found a random picture on yourself on somebody's website? I haven't either, but our buddy, Chris did just that. Chris has been known to do odd, random things, which led to loads of fun both here and when he spent a lot of time with us when we lived in Hawaii. Anyway, Chris enjoys dressing up when he goes to car races, his favorite character being Papa Ferrari. It makes him real popular and people are always taking pictures of him. Apparently, one of those pics has hit the mainstream: We laughed our butts off when we saw it and Chris will hereafter always be known as Ferrari Fag #11.

Today the kids only had a half day of school, it's the end of 3rd quarter. Somehow, I let Angel #4 talk me into chauffeuring her and a friend around town on a shopping trip. I dumped the girls at the store and ran my own errands, so it worked out rather well and I've made a buttload of mommy points now that I will redeem at an advantageous time.

#4 also had her school spring concert last night. School music teachers always amaze me when they put on these incredible song and dance shows. You've got to have amazing patience to teach 40 five year olds how to, not only sing a couple songs, but to also remember the dance steps that go with them. The theme was Go West and we got to see square dancing, pony riding with stick horses, and a dance involving axes made from wrapping paper rolls and construction paper. Fun schtuff!

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