Friday, December 3, 2010


Hubs and I had a nice day together yesterday. I was supposed to go grocery shopping on Wednesday, but just couldn't seem to build up enough enthusiasm to go, so I didn't. Instead, since hubs didn't have to work yesterday, I enticed him to come along with me. Things are more fun if we do them together. Problem is, we don't have the same shopping style. He likes to rush down the aisles throwing things willy-nilly into the cart. He stopped at Costco by himself Wednesday and came home with a case of mangoes, a tub of black berries, a whole smoked fish (including head) and random other odd things. I like to be a little more practical with my shopping, and this takes a little time. He thought I was going too slow and pointed out that the old lady pushing the other old lady in the wheelchair passed me up by the second aisle. Yeah, but I bet neither one of them had a house full of kids to feed. Three hundred dollars later, my cupboards are full and all is right with my world.

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