Tuesday, December 7, 2010

things that go bump in the night

Last night, the kids and I were goofing around, playing a weird, homemade version of Jeopardy, where we came up with a topic and I made up random answers/questions for them. One of the topics picked was: houses we've lived in. Since we've lived in about 10 different places, there was a lot to choose from. One of my 'answers' was: It was haunted... meaning the last house we lived in in Hawaii, where WE saw a mysterious ghost girl in his bedroom one night. Turns out, that, according to my kids, we've lived in a couple of haunted houses, or they've seen weird things anyway. The one in Hawaii was the worst. Besides WE's girl in his room, Angel #2 saw a girl out in the yard one day, which she told me about, but the creepy thing was just last night she told me that twice she'd seen a figure in her locked bedroom in the middle of the night and creepiest of all, once it felt like the ceiling had collapsed on her and she was having trouble breathing. I guess I'm not very sensitive to things (or maybe because I don't actually believe in ghosts) I never noticed a thing. We call the house we're living in now haunted because things seem to mysteriously disappear, then reappear with annoying regularity. We once spent 15 minutes searching the house for the truck keys, only to find them sitting exactly where they belong, a place we'd all checked more than once. Another time, we were looking for part of a curtain rod in Angel #4's bedroom and couldn't find it, about a week later, she was laying in her bed and it just randomly fell on her. I suspect that instead of it being ghosts, we're probably just not very good at putting things back where they belong. I'm hoping though, that if our ghost wandered off with the 5 pool balls that have been missing for the last month, that they return them soon so we can play pool again.

All that talk about ghosts freaked WE out and he scattered cloves of garlic on his windowsills and doorway before going to be last night. He's also got his closet door barricaded after discovering that the access to the attic is in his closet. His bedroom smells like an Italian restaurant.

Oh, and talk about haunted. Sunday after church, I decided to pick up some hats and gloves for the kids since the weather here is getting downright nippy. The easiest place to shop was the haunted Walmart, we drive right past it on our way home. I guess the Walmart was built on an old cemetery and sometimes weird stuff happens there. The only weird thing that happened while we were there though was that I somehow managed to get out of the store spending less than $50.

Oh, and more Wisconsin weirdness for you. This article was in our local paper today. I'm still scratching my head over that one.

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Tanya T said...

I think Garlic only works on Vampires? LOL
Something about Sheybogan, don't know what it is but there if there is something bizarre or comical in the news coming from Wisconsin,it usually originates from Sheybogan.