Thursday, December 9, 2010

just itching for a good time

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that my hands were itchy. It was driving me nuts. As the day went on, the palms got itchier and red. Everyone kept asking me what my problem was, but I couldn't help it. must. itch. palms. Later in the evening, I started itching my legs as well, and when I got ready for bed, I noticed my thighs were covered in hives. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out why I was getting hives. I hadn't eaten anything unusual, I used the same shampoo/soap/lotion as I always do. The only thing I had that was different was the new socks and gloves I bought at the haunted Walmart on Sunday, I wore them both for the first time yesterday. I supposed I'll let myself get all cleared up and try wearing the gloves again and see if they're the problem, otherwise, I'm stumped. Maybe I'm allergic to being married for 20 years.

I know what you mean about Sheboygan, Tanya, it seems like if something weird is going to happen, it's going to happen in Sheboygan. I heard on the radio the other day some guy shot his neighbor by accident when he was playing with his gun while sitting on the toilet. The gun went off, went through the bathroom floor into the apartment below. Happened in Sheboygan, of course.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Jeanie & Afton. Hope you have a great anniversary as well, Jeanie, and with any luck, you won't get hives.

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