Monday, December 27, 2010

I need a dream interpretor

You know when you're dreaming and everything, no matter how strange, seems perfectly normal? The other night, I had a dream, which, while it seemed normal at the time, I realized was odd enough to tell hubby about the next day. But, even during the telling of it, I didn't realize how strange it was until it was coming out of my mouth. In a nutshell, here's what happened while I was sleeping. My family (hubs and the kids) & I checked into a motel someplace, I'm guessing it was in Plainfield, WI, since after checking into the motel, we headed off to Ed Gein's farm. For those of you who may not know who Ed Gein is, here's a little Wiki info , if you don't want to bother with more info, let's just say he was Wisconsin's 1950's version of Jeffery Dahmer (yeah, ol' Jeff was from WI too, we're just bursting with looney-toons around here). So, anyway, there we are, me and my lovely family, hanging at Ed's farm. Ed was there, along with his mother, brother and sister (he didn't have a sister in real life, but I don't let things like facts mess up my dreams). Hubs and the kids are having a great time on the farm, but I realized that it probably wasn't a real good place to be and tried to convince them that we should be leaving, pronto. I'll spare you all the other dream details I gave to hubs, but in the dream, once I convinced everyone to leave, I was explaining the part in my dream where I had to go to the kitchen before we left the farm because I had to get my crockpot, because I'd left it in the kitchen after we had a potluck. At this point, hubs stopped my dream recital to say WAIT A MINUTE, WE HAD A POTLUCK AT ED GEINS HOUSE!?!?! Yeah, it wasn't until I was telling hubby about the dream that I realized that one of the very last places you'd want to go to a potluck was Ed Gein's house. Double ugh. But, I figure that will make a wonderful saying some day, such as: Yeah, that sounds about as attractive as going to a potluck at Ed Gein's. (feel free to use this in your own daily conversations)

In other, slightly more normal doings, we had overnight company this weekend. Three of the ministers from our church spent Saturday evening until this morning (Monday) with us. last night, the three of them, along with me and Angel #'s 2&4 had a Uno tournament. Hubs dug into my chocolate stash and offered it up for snacking. Well, when you throw a bunch of chocolate in front of 6 females, only the worst can happen. The six of us all went on an out of control sugar high and we were laughing and giggling our butts off. Hubs just sat in the other room, listening to us, I suspect he purposely gave us all that sugar, just so he could listen to us go bonkers and bounce off the walls. It got to be a pretty interesting Uno game. We even got to the point that when we ate all my chocolate stash, we opened up the glass jar that held some stale candy corn left over from the fall and ate all the white tips off the ends (because everyone knows that the white tips are the best part of the candy corn). Eventually, we all crashed from our highs and came back down to earth and could once again have a coherent conversation. After they left this morning, Angel #2 said they were so much fun she wished they all lived with us. But, I don't know if my nervous and digestive systems could handle nights like last night on a regular basis.

Oh, and last night I had another cool dream (okay, the Ed Gein dream wasn't cool, but it was interesting). I dreamed I was a super hero and my super hero power was that I could freeze someone by looking them in the eye. How cool would that be? Once I woke up, I sat and thought about how a bad guy could overcome a power like that and decided that about the only thing they could do would be to blindfold me so I couldn't look them in the eye. Anyway, I think being able to flash freeze someone would be a really handy skill to have.

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