Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shhh, don't tell anyone....

but I really hate basketball. I've never liked the sport and didn't even go to the games in high school when the Friday night basketball games were the place to be. I don't understand the rules, the point system or the fouls - it's only redeeming feature is that you can sit in a quasi-warm gym while your watching it as opposed to freezing metal benches you have to sit on during outside sporting events. I'd forgotten how much I disliked basketball until this weekend when I had basketball overload. Angel #4 had a scrimmage game Friday evening. It was her first ever game against an opposing team and she looked completely overwhelmed out on the court. After watching an hour of her scrimmaging as well as most of the 5th grade girls scrimmage game, we decided to head over to the other school and watch the varsity boys game. All I know about basketball is that you need to get the ball through the hoop more than the other team and that height is an advantage. Therefore, I thought our team was in deep doo-doo when I saw that our team of11 guys only had 3 six footers and no one taller while the other team of 14 boys had half their team 6 feet tall or taller, 3 of them were 6'4" and another was 6'5"! Our little team of shorties prevailed though. Then Saturday morning, Angel #4 had her first real basketball game - once again, they were up against a team of really tall girls. I don't know what other towns are putting in their water to get such tall kids, but they sure aren't using it in our town. Height didn't do the trick again though, and the Angel's team had an awesome 22-6 victory. She looked much more confident out on the court than she did the night before. I'm sure that as the season progresses, she'll get even better, it'll just take a little while to catch up with the other girls who've been playing for a year already.

Hubs headed off to West Virginia yesterday for work. He's pretty happy the trip happened along as those miles will allow him to hit the 100,000 mile mark on his frequent flier card for the year. I'm not sure what happens now besides lots of free upgrades to first class, but he's pretty happy about it. All I know is that I think he's spent more time in the air than he has on the ground this year.

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