Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yep, there was snow

We had a bit of snow over the weekend, or, in Wisconsin, they just refer to it as 'weather'. This is the pile we had after hiring the guy to clear our driveway of knee high 'weather'. As you can see, weather also turns teenage girls hair weird colors...or maybe it was because when you're snowbound for a couple days you have nothing better to do than dye your hair bright red.

Last night, Angel #2 had her band concert. It was easy to identify her to people asking which child was mine. Rather than doing what those other poor people had to do and say my kid is the fourth one in the third row or something, I simply had to say the kid with the bright red hair. She definitely stood out in the crowd. It's a pretty conservative school here, next to my little Angel, the most radical looking kid was a boy with two diamond studs in his ears. There wasn't a goth or an emo in the entire group, a bit different than there school in Hawaii.

I also got to meet Morgan and her parents. They live near us and WE sits with Morgan on the bus. I've heard a lot about this girl, but never met her. Apparently, the same is true at Morgan's house, since her dad expressed disappointment that he didn't get to meet WE (while getting the evil eye and a few 'shut-up' looking nudges from his daughter the entire time he was talking).

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Tanya T said...

Oh wow, you weren't kidding. That is some bright haircolor!