Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wisconsin weirdness

There was a gunman in one of the local schools yesterday. A 15 year old kid basically lost it, holding his classmates hostage with 2 guns before police came in and the boy shot himself. He died this morning. The school this happened at was in our conference when I was in high school and I can remember going there for sporting events as a teen. It's a small school, which is kind of creepy, all the kids knew him and at this time, no one has a clue what set him off. Then when they got home from school, WE was telling us about his principal investigating some gum that was thrown on the floor of the school. The school just had a multi-million dollar renovation and the principal is very proud of the building. WE said he could see him checking the angle of the gum and its location in the hall, then he went into his office to review the security tapes to find the culprit. I just pray that finding the gum tossing culprit is the biggest issue my kids principal will ever have to deal with.

Angel #2 killed a possum the other night with the car. I think that's her first roadkill. She claimed it wasn't murder, the possum was suicidal, since she was attempting to drive around it when it jumped in front of her. At least it wasn't a deer, now those suckers can do some damage.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for that boy's family! Don't know what set him off, i can only say that teens are a lot meaner towards each other today than ever before!