Monday, February 22, 2010

the water theif

Have you ever known someone who has a boring life, so they create their own drama? The building where I work is full of these people - I think it's hilarious. Today, Tony came into the office and told me he got me off the hook and now I owe him. There's a water spigot outside the bathroom (yes, the bathroom with the sign). The water valve supplying the spigot is located in our bathroom. Today, Terry, the building manager guy asked Tony if I'd been taking water out of that spigot. Apparently, they keep the valve turned off so the 'bums can't steal water' and someone left that valve turned on so just anyone could come by and *gasp* fill a water jug. The guy working the desk at the storage building place next door claimed he'd seen me filling jugs at the spigot - or, as he allegedly said, "that woman who works next door who put the sign up in the bathroom (I guess that sign caused quite a stir). Huh? Not only do we have our own spigot right outside our shop door, why would I be filling jugs in the first place? Tony said there'd be no reason why I would use the spigot and Terry said he'd thought so and figured the storage unit guy used it, forgot to turn it off then put the blame on me. Maybe he's seeking revenge on me for walking in on him in the bathroom that one day. LOL! I swear, that building is full of nutjobs.

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