Friday, February 12, 2010

Sometimes you have to resort to signage

I can't remember if I told you this or not, but about a month or two ago, I opened up the bathroom door at work and there was a guy sitting there on the toilet. It's one of those doors that automatically locks when you close it and you need a key to get in. Since there's more than one key in the building, there's also a slide bolt on the inside to insure your privacy. Of course, if you don't slide the bolt, you risk your privacy and my eyeballs start to melt. Then I was met with the awkward dilemma of what to do (after I immediately shut the door, of course). Do I wait outside the door for my turn and have to look the guy in the eye after I've seen him on the crapper - or do I discretely disappear, saving face and possibly rupturing my bladder? I value my bladder and so I waited for him to vamoose. Fast forward to yesterday and it happened AGAIN! Different guy, and thank goodness he'd gotten to the hand washing stage by the time I showed up, so my eyeballs were safe. We've been in this building for 3 1/2 months, there are 5 of us working at our company - I'm the only female there (and the only one I've seen working in the entire complex where we're located) and not only am I the only one out of we 5 that has walked in on someone in the bathroom, but now it's happened to me TWICE. What are the odds? Today, I decided to be proactive. I could knock before entering, but frankly, I shouldn't have to. Instead, I printed up a sign that said: Nobody Likes Surprises - Lock The Door. I'm hoping that'll do the trick.

This week has been a bit crazy. Angel #2 had been sick since Saturday and by Wednesday, she was covered in some kind of rash along with looking like death warmed over. I broke down and took her to the doctor. You've got to be pretty darn sick for me to resort to the professionals - while she was at the Drs office, #2 and I tried to remember the last time I took someone in because they were sick. We figured it was when Angel #1 had a double ear infection. He was about 7 at the time, so that makes it about 10 years ago. I guess I can handle 1 sick visit to the doctor every 10 years. Since we've got major medical insurance, we've got to pay for sick visits out of pocket and they wanted a $150 deposit just to walk in the door. I told the angel that for that kind of money she'd better be pretty darn sick. She ended up needing 2 IV bags of electrolytes to combat severe dehydration and she said, are you happy, am I sick enough for you? I told her that I would have preferred something cheaper like a shot or something, but yes, she was sick enough. She's all better now though, so that's good. It's worth the money if your kid comes out healthy.

The kids ended up being rather relieved that they didn't go down and check out the accident in front of our house earlier this week. We read in the paper that a motorcyclist lost control, crashed and was killed. That's definitely not something you want to rush out of your house to see. People drive so foolishly on our road sometimes. Though it's called a highway, don't let the name fool you, it's really a narrow, winding mountain road. It's so narrow in some places that there's no room for guardrails or even shoulders - it's like that in front of our house and off the end he went. I'm not sure exactly where he went off, but if you go off the road around here, you either slam into a dirt hill abd/or solid rocks or, on the other side you fall between 5-10 feet down the side of the mountain. In other words, it's not a good idea to go off either side of the road around here. Despite that, I've seen people pass on blind curves and drive way faster than they should. I don't know if that's what happened to this guy, but hopefully his death will make people drive a little more conservatively.

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