Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I had trouble going AND coming

Yesterday morning there was a HUGE Caterpiller/excavator thingy in our driveway. Our drive goes up past our house to a bunch of random stuff like a coffee farm, some dome house our landlord is building and to the hermit guy who lives in the treehouse (I've never seen him but have been told he's there). So this Caterpiller was somewhere up the hill past our house and now, yesterday, someone drove it back down. They eventually loaded it up on the back of a semi trailer and drove it away, but only after they had it blocking the driveway for about an hour. They were still working on getting it out when I left, but there was enough room for me to sneak around it and the sign guy who was directing traffic let me out so I could eventually go to work. I thought my driveway adventures were over for the day, but on the way home, I passed an ambulance and a firetruck going the opposite direction. When the turned the corner on my road, I realized with a lurch in my heart that they'd come from the area right by my house. How did I know this? Because there were about 4 police cars, lights flashing, sitting at the end of my driveway. I was a bit nervous, until I saw that the cars were actually blocking my driveway and I figured that if something bad was going on at my house, the police wouldn't be blocking the access to it. Once again, I needed a person who was directing traffic to let me get into my driveway. Later we figured out that there'd been an accident pretty much right in front of our house. My super-observant family, who were all home at the time, never noticed a thing and hadn't even realized that half of the West Hawaii police force was parked in front of our house. Granted, you can't really see the road from the house or anything, but seriously? You'd think someone would have noticed something. WE said he heard the crash, but was too interested in playing World of Warcraft to bother seeing what the noise was. I hope I never keel over dead in the middle of the kitchen floor, everyone would probably just step over me.


Tanya T said...

I know what you mean. When one of our neighbors slammed into her shed with her car, hubby never got out of his chair to try and find out where that loud crashing sound came from.Sometimes i think a tornado could hit the house and he wouldn't know it,he's too into his television shows!

JeanieC said...

Dang! When I was a kid, our family doctor smashed into another car right outside our house, and we all heard the crash and went running outside to see what it was all about.

Of course, this was before cable TV and video games, so we probably just didn't have anything better to do.