Saturday, February 6, 2010

I just want to say....

it's called a blinker, you use it to tell other drivers when you're intending to turn because they can't read your mind. Try using it sometime.

In other news, I picked up an old movie at the library the other day and as a reward for doing the 2nd round edits for the first 100 pages of my book, I got to watch it this afternoon. This movie had some of my favorite people in it, Hedy Lamarr, who's got to be the most beautiful woman ever filmed, Judy Garland, who's my absolute favorite singer in ANY musical at ANY time - I love that woman's voice. Then we had Lana Turner and Jimmy Stewart, who played a good guy who went sorta rogue. Jimmy Stewart, when he's not being someone like Longfellow Deeds or George Bailey is incredibly sexy. I kid you not. MUCH sexier than any man on screen today, including Gerard Butler. The only guy who may possibly be sexier is Clark Gable. I've got San Francisco starring Mr. Gable on order at the library, so I'll give you my final and most professional comparison of the two after I've seen it. They're both romancing Lana Turner (lucky lucky girl) in each movie, so it'll be a pretty fair comparison. The end of the movie I watched today always makes me sad (I've seen it a couple times before) because Lana Turner's character ends up much like Judy Garland did in real life. I look at young Judy during the movie and wonder if she had any idea she'd end so sadly. One of the quotes in the movie was that the Ziegfeld Follies aren't to credit or to blame with whatever happens to you, it just accelerates what would have happened anyway. Poor Judy didn't have a chance.

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