Sunday, February 21, 2010

lazy dazy

I've been kind of on the lazy side lately. My family hasn't had a real cooked meal since Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday night some friends came over and brought hot dogs and buns they hadn't used from their camping trip the previous weekend. We had one of the ministers from our church over and all of us stood around a fire in our backyard having a weenie and marshmallow roast. Friday at work got busy and I ended up picking up some KFC on my way home. I don't think we had supper at all last night. Maybe I'll try to fire up the stove tonight for supper.

I found out I'm losing another coffee buddy. My friend Leslie is moving back to Montana the beginning of March. That's the problem with living down here, everyone is so transient. At the end of the school year, the schools actually send a form for parents to fill out indicating if their kids will be returning the next year or not. Now I'm going to have to find someone else to go Starbucksing with - this will be the 3rd escape to Starbucks/the movies/ anywhere our family isn't friend that I've lost in the last year and a half. I've had underwear last longer than most of my Hawaii friendships have. :p

Last night, Angel #2 and I were looking through my school book. When I started kindergarten, my mom bought this school years book that had spots for our school picture from each year as well as envelopes to store any memorabilia. I've got every report card I ever received throughout my entire school life. I hadn't looked at that stuff in years, but #2 insisted on pulling everything out. Turns out that I apparently sucked in school starting in kindergarten when the teacher said I cried a lot, right through elementary, jr high and high school where I pulled a low-B average my entire 13 years of school. But, though my grades were overflowing with suckwattage, I'm proud to report that my memory is still sharp as the proverbial tack. There were school pictures in the envelopes of friends I had back then and I could identify every one of them w/out having to look for the name on the back. I remembered people from all the way back to kindergarten, including Dale Dahm, kindergarten class hottie and fastest runner in our class and Joey Shinke, who I promised I would marry once he learned to tie his shoes. Not only did I not marry Joey, but, back in '96 at the last class reunion I attended, he still hadn't gotten around to getting married. Maybe he never did learn how to tie those pesky laces.

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Tanya T said...

I would be your Starbucks friend if i lived closer! I was just thinking the other day that it's hard to find new friends at my age.Two of my really good friends live in another town and both are too busy with life/work to really spend any quality time with.
Seems like most people around here just want to drink and party. That's not me, so how do you make new friends when you are a boring homebody? LOL, i need suggestions too.