Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That's the best name they could come up with?

Francines post about mishearing words reminds me of my own little product issue. At our Target there's a end cap on one of the rows that features "As Seen On TV!" stuff. I was walking past it one day and wondered why in the world someone would name their product Bum Pits and what in the world would you use it for? Was it a hygiene product for bad body odor? Once I checked it out, I realized they were trying to say Bump Its and it makes your hair poofy or something, but every time I see it, I still have to make a mental adjustment from bum pits to bump its. I can't be the only person who does this.

Yesterday, I received the fallout from my bathroom sign. Terry, the weird guy who kind of manages the place was taking a break from organizing the dumpster (I kid you not) and was sweeping up little stones in the parking lot in front of the bathroom. As I was heading for the bathroom, confident in knowing I wasn't going to get any surprises due to my (hopefully) affective sign, Terry stopped me and said: I see Tony put up another one of his signs. I had no idea what he was talking about, until he said, "in the bathroom." For a fraction of a second, I considered letting Tony take the fall for the sign, especially since he teased me when I put it up saying that I should get Terry's permission before posting it. But, my inherently honest nature overruled and I said that I put it up because I got sick of walking in on people. Terry was surprised that it had happened to me more than once, but then implied that it was my fault for not knocking first. Why the Face should I have to knock on a bathroom door that has a LOCK on it? Then he told me that he fixed the slider bolt on the door and insisted I go in there and try it as he stood outside the door saying: "See? Doesn't it work better now? Did you try it?" Awkward? Um, yeah. Then he informed me that he's going to WD-40 the lock every week to keep it in prime working condition. For your sanity, I didn't give you the entire conversation, but needless to say, I was stuck talking to him outside the bathroom for about 5 minutes discussing the lock on the bathroom door. Tony saw that Terry had me trapped, but did he rescue me like a good boss should? No, he did not. He thought it was hilarious and told me it was what I deserved for not getting Terry's clearance on the sign in the first place. humph!

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