Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I should at least get points for trying

You ever try to help people and it just doesn't work out? I had a day like that today. Angel #2 and I went to Costco and as we were walking in, we saw a lady struggling with a bunch of carts. I ran over to help her with them and ended up running over her foot with a cart wheel. Later, on the way home, we were sitting at the stop sign at the corner by Costco and there's a homeless veteran guy who likes to stand at that corner and ask for money. I was going to give him a dollar, but it was time for us to move up in traffic, so I crumpled the money up and tossed it to him. Except the wind caught it and it blew back down the street. I yelled out an apology and he gave me a shaka and a smile, so all was good, but I still felt bad.

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JeanieC said...

Until I read it again, I had a vision of you doing a cartwheel in the parking lot and taking that poor woman out. And yes, you wrote it properly in two words, so I should have read "cart wheel" but my geezerly mind betrayed me and had you doing gymnastics instead.