Friday, January 15, 2010

my thoughts on Darwin

Afton's post on Darwining people out who text while driving reminded me of a conversation I had with the kids a couple weeks ago. You know how you click on a newslink to read an article then there's a headline to a different article on the sidebar that looks interesting, so you click on that and keep going farther and farther into the world of interesting/weird news articles? Well, that happened to me the other day and I found myself reading an article about people in Australia messing around with crocodile traps, which I assume is really dangerous because the article said it was. The latest was some yahoos posted a picture on their Facebook of a couple guys INSIDE the crocodile traps, which is really a bad idea, especially if the trap happens to catch a croc while you're in there. I was laughing at the article, partly because of the peoples stupidity and partly because it was using Australian slang, which just sounded funny (I think I want to start calling people Drongos now) and I read it out loud to the kids. Angel #1 said that eventually they'll Darwin themselves out and I told him they already had, the croc trap episode took place outside of Darwin, Australia! LOL Maybe that's just how people are made out there.

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