Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goat farming, a baaa...d idea?

Hubby came home yesterday with 6 goats. He'd been wanting goats for a while and found some people who had to get rid of their herd, of course, hubby took them all. So we've got 2 mama goats, 2 middle sized goats (the kids call them the teenagers) and 2 little baby goats. Throw in a troll and it sounds like we've got a Grimm's fairytale in the making. We just had to chase the teenagers off the roof, the little buggers really like to climb. Since there are 6 of us and 6 goats, we each get to name one. Angel #4 named one of the little babies Pickle, the boys named the teenagers Elvis and Clementine, hubby named one of the mama's B7PM (don't ask). Angel #2 and I haven't named ours yet, I guess I have to get to know her before hooking her up with a name. Claudia and Charlie, the sheep, don't seem to mind the new additions, Jake the wonder dog loves having new animals to smell. The best part though, according to hubby, is that if we want to, we can milk them. Oh happy day! I was just saying the other day that what would make my life complete is if I could milk a goat. uh...yeah.

The babies are really cute, actually, I think goats in general are cute. The kids brought the babies into the house this afternoon. My living room consisted of 2 11 year old girls, 5 teenagers (of the human variety) and 2 baby goats. I was sitting right in the middle of the chaos trying to talk to my sister on the phone when Angel #1 plopped a goat on my lap, I told him to get it off and my sister's voice came over the phone: "Did you just tell someone to get a goat off your lap? Aren't you in your living room?" Is it any wonder my family thinks I'm nuts?

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Tanya T said...

Oh be careful, they can be destructive little buggers!! They like to climb on cars too if you don't have them fenced in.They will also chew on anything.Like a puppy on steriods!