Wednesday, January 27, 2010

goat pics!

Here's a visual to go with JeanieC's song This is Elvis and Clementine, the juvenile delinquents of the goat world, traipsing on the roof. Yeah, they're pain in the butt, but look at how gosh darn cute they are:

This little guy is either Pickle or Billy Baaab. They both look the same to me, but the girls can tell them apart.

Today, we finally got rain. It was so nice to hear it pattering on the roof (MUCH nicer than hearing the goats). I checked back and the last time we got rain was Dec 20 - I know this because that's when we had a downpour, high winds and trees falling down. We haven't had nary a drop since then and things were getting pretty dry around here. Our grass is all dead and our driveway was a literal dustbowl. So, it was nice to get a little rain again. I'm sure, come summer when the rainy season starts and we get a shower almost every afternoon, I'll be sick of rain, but I sure appreciated it today.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! DD, I love it. I am never surprised whenever you report something new happening at your house! I hope it's as fun for you as it is for me hearing about it. :D
- Afton

Tanya T said...

Awwww they are cute aren't they?!

Holliday said...

I love your goats! My dad always wanted a couple but mom won that argument (the only one) and we never got them.
Did you decide on a name for your goat?