Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar actors live here

In honor of her birthday yesterday, Angel #2 decided to dye her hair black. Of course, these things never go as planned and her hair didn't exactly turn Raven Black as promised on the box. My daughter now has purple hair, don't worry though, it goes nicely with the blue neck and hands the dye also gave her. So, the dye colored everything, just not the color it said it would. She actually likes it, she said she likes the response she gets from 'old people'. One lady at church this morning was almost speechless, so of course, the angel had to ask her if she liked her new hair. The response was a very curt 'NO'. Oh well, it's only hair, it'll grow back.

The angel got a camera for her birthday and has been taking pictures pretty much constantly since she got it. The one on this post is courtesy of her photographic skills.

We've got new bathroom drama at work. This guy, who's kind of the self-proclaimed manager of the building is obsessed with the bathroom. I've told you about him before. After the bathroom was painted, he actually asked me how I liked the new bathroom. How are expected to respond to a question like that? He also put a lock on the door after we expressed to him our fears of accidentally walking in on someone else using the toilet. You need a key to get into the bathroom and his excuse for no lock was that it was just those of us at our particular business that used that bathroom, so what was the point? My boss said that he'd actually rather have a random bum walk in on him while he was on the toilet than someone he worked with every day. I think the manager guy got the hint and put a lock on the door (which he was extremely proud of). I used to knock before opening the door, but I thought that since there was a slider bolt on the door, it would be safe to just open it up and walk in. Not so. I REALLY did NOT want to see that. It was some other person that worked in a neighboring business, who wasn't even supposed to be in there in the first place. Of course, I slammed the door shut and the manager guy is across the parking lot and he saw the whole thing and starts shouting at me "TELL HIM TO SLIDE THE BOLT! TELL HIM TO SLIDE THE BOLT!" I'm thinking he's already figured that out by now, a little to late for me though. So, then I'm thinking, what do I do, stand around outside the door and wait for this guy to come out? Decide that I really didn't need to go that badly after all and leave? The choice was taken away from me when the guy comes out and says 'I guess I should remember to slide the lock. I forgot that there are ladies here'. I tell the guys in the shop my adventure when I get back and they said forget the whole ladies here, we don't want to see him sitting on the toilet either. Other people work in normal places - but seriously, does it really surprise you that I don't?


JeanieC said...

I think you're going to have to post a "before" pic. Because this "after" pic looks fine to me. What's the big drama about her hair and why did some woman at church say she didn't like it? I think it looks nice. *shrug*

Tanya T said...

I think it brings out her blue eyes!