Tuesday, January 12, 2010

keep your hands off my cell membranes

Angel #2 is working on her science project. It's a model of the six stages of cell mitosis done with cake, licorice and Jolly Ranchers. It was a bit of a challenge keeping everyone out of the cell fixings, but she's almost got the project done. She's also talked 2 of her teachers into have class potlucks in honor of her birthday, so she had to make cupcakes for those as well. All her cakes combined with the poppyseed torte I made for hubby's birthday today makes for sugar overload at the Daydreamer house.

I got hubby a poster with all the guitar chords displayed. He's been teaching himself how to play and he's getting pretty good and I thought the poster would help. Angel #4 got him some candy from the local convenience store and WE complained that she made the rest of them look bad because they didn't get him anything. We'll see if their guilt carries over to Angel #2's birthday on Saturday and they get her something.

The remodeling of my office at work is almost done and I got lights and air conditioning installed over the weekend. It's pretty nice working in there now, especially since they also set my desk up so I don't have to do all my work at the counter anymore. Our company curmudgeon was also let go and was replaced with a different guy. I've got to say, it's a lot more pleasant listening to the new guy, Rollie, singing than it was listening to the other guys cussing - even if Rollie was singing Blue Christmas this afternoon. Christmas songs in January is more tolerable than F-bombs any time.

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