Thursday, October 1, 2009

major shopping trip

Hubster and I did some big grocery shopping today. I hadn't done major shopping in a long time and our stores were getting low. We actually ran out of peanut butter on Saturday - the way the kids acted, you'd have thought we'd run out of air. We now have 8 jars of Skippy sitting on the shelf, so we should be good for a little while.

Hubby bet WE the other day that he couldn't be quiet for 24 hours. To give him a little inspiration, he told him he'd give him $1million if he did it. WE made it half an hour before he forgot and started harassing Angel #4. This is probably a good thing, since we didn't exactly have the million dollars to pay him if he actually did it, but it was kind of like betting that rain is going to fall down instead of up, 0% risk factor. If only the odds in Vegas were as good.


Tanya T said...

I hope your kids aren't like my kids and go thru food "trends" as mine do to me. As soon as i find a cheap food item they love and i'm all excited that i know just what to buy they switch to another food item. Just yesterday i sent about 20 cans of spaghetti O's,Ravioli and Spaghetti w/meatballs over to the neighbor's house for thier son who loves the stuff.

JeanieC said...

DD, something might be wrong with your blogroll. It's not updating properly. I've made six posts since the one your blog lists as my latest. *shrug*

Milesky1 said...

Now that you have 8 jars of PB, your kids will never eat it again. That's what happens at my house.