Sunday, October 4, 2009

next time I won't forget the seaweed

Thanks for the headsup about my blogroll Jeanne. I don't know what's up with that. I see it did the same thing with Afton - so I wonder if Blogger and Bravenet aren't speaking anymore?

Deb and Tanya, you've both got a very good point. I'm sure my kids are going to go on peanut butter strike now and demand something else, like deep fried pig skin or wasabi peanuts. I'm already in the doghouse because I forgot to pick up some nori when I was shopping. Yeah, I've become a neglectful mother who didn't buy her kids seaweed paper for their Spam musubis. Geez, when I was a kid, I would have considered it a punishment if my mom made me eat Spam and seaweed, my kids consider it a diet staple.

The kids have the next week of from school - it's the end of the 1st quarter, so they get a week off. It's also peak time for coffee picking, so I'm hoping they all go off to pick and make some money, with the added benefit of them not hanging around the house and bugging me. WE and Angel #2 picked on Saturday and each made $10/hour, not bad money for a kid, and it's much better than baling hay, which is what kids in Wisconsin have to do to make quick money in the summer.

And finally, isn't this just the greatest love story ever?

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