Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After a couple weeks of trying, we have success at the Daydreamer household. Well, I don't think of it as success, exactly, but many people in this house do. They (they being hubby, the boys and angel #4) have caught a baby wild pig. They have it penned up and I'm not sure what they're planning on doing with it. Is this something we're going to be eating eventually? I think so. But it's such a little bugger right now that we're going to be feeding it for quite a while before it'll make a decent pan of pork chops.

I got new back tire for my mini-van today. It so very seldom gets new things that I think it's over the top with happiness right now. The only new thing it usually gets is a new quart of oil every couple weeks because it leaks so badly. I know I feel more comfortable driving on our twisty, mountain roads on tires that don't have the steel belts poking out. Now, if we could only figure out why the brake light never goes off, we'd be golden.

Sunday we stopped by Costco on the way home from church to pick up a pizza for lunch. There is a sale on pizzas this month, so technically, we're supposedly saving money. But, as usually happens at Costco, our $7 pizza ended up costing us $109 at the register. You'd think after hitting the Costco buffet (aka free samples) pretty hard we'd be so full we wouldn't even be tempted by all those huge cartons of food. Not so! And, of course, since everything does come supersized, it doesn't take long to spend $100 at Costco anyway. The one redeeming thing when you spend a fortune on groceries is that they're groceries. You're going to eat them eventually. It's not like you dropped a wad on electronics or dvds or something that in the long run have no positive features like food. You need food to live, you can (usually) live without the boxed set of the 2nd season of Desperate Housewives. Then again, you can watch Desperate Housewives over and over again, you only get one go-round with a bag of cheese stuffed ravioli.

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