Thursday, October 8, 2009

friends again

Jeannie, it looks like Blogger and Bravenet are speaking again - at least partially. You and Afton are still on the bottom, but Holliday and Francine popped right up on top today.

We ran out of milk today. I hate when that happens - I hate it even worse when your town is overrun with 1500 Ironmen and their friends and family and I have to dodge all their extra traffic to get around. It's bad enough they ride bikes while wearing Speedos, I hate not being able to get through a traffic light the first time. Oh well, it'll all be over by Sunday and life as we know it will be back to what I consider normal.

Yesterday, when the kid headcount hit 7 I escaped and headed out to work to get a little peace and quiet. When you consider a small engine repair shop quiet, it's time to get some mental help. By the time I got home, there were only 3 kids left, so I was rewarded for my clever escape.

We heard wild pigs outside last night. They were pretty close to the house, so the boys decided to do some hunting. They went after them with nothing more than a weak flashlight, a machete and a baseball bat. They didn't get anything, but they're making more elaborate plans for tonight. I just told them to be careful, our insurance plan doesn't cover pig attacks.

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