Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yeah, I"m still around

It's been a while since I posted, but, in my defense, it's been a busy week. Tuesday morning, we found Angel #2's cat dead by the side of the road. NOT a good thing. Not only is she going to miss her best friend, but her cat was the best hunter we had and was the one catching all the rats. As much as I don't like finding dead rats lying around, I hate hearing live ones running around even more. We'll have to see if she wants another cat or not. Time will tell.

We had the Special Olympics Area Bocce Ball tournament today. I'm a unified partner with a girl named Apple. How we place today determines who we go up against in Oahu in December. Well, Apple and I placed 4th place, which doesn't sound too bad until you consider that there were 4 teams. Yeah, I placed dead last in the Special Olympics. I never claimed to be any kind of an athlete and I guess that just proves it. But, I had a great time, and that's what really matters. The silver lining is that, because we're the worst bocce team on the West side of the island, come the State Tournaments, they'll put us up against other sucky teams, so we may have a chance at a medal if we can get our bocce groove on.

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