Wednesday, October 14, 2009

United Nations

Angel #4 loves her MP3 player and has been permanently plugged in since she got it yesterday. The problem is, she keeps singing along with the songs - not so attractive when her singing isn't being drowned out by the actual song playing. The curse of listening to music while wearing headphones.

Angel #1 didn't have anything to do at school today (long story) so he left early. I thought #2 had plans after school, so she wouldn't need a ride home, so all was good. But I was wrong, she DID have plans, but they included her brother dropping her and her friends off in town after school. So I got a phone call from her looking for a ride. Since I was already in town, I said I'd get her - then she said, some friends need a ride too. I jumped in Debbie (our car) and went to the high school and ended up having to cram 6 teenagers into a car built for only 5 (rather small) people. There were 5 girls crammed in the backseat. As I was driving I looked at who was all in there, Angel #2 and her best friend, both blue eyed blondes (or Aryan Nation Children, as a friend calls them), a typical-looking brown haired boy, a part Mexican girl, a Chinese girl whose family is 1st generation Americans and a girl who was wearing a sari-looking thing and looked East Indian. It looked like I was doing a pick-up at the United Nations. And where did I drop this culturally diverse little group off? K-Mart, of course. After all, they're all American kids, even if they don't look like the cast from Leave It To Beaver.

I got the good news today that my 5 year old nephew is now out of the hospital after spending the last 4 days there fighting a particularly nasty version of H1N1. He went in late Saturday night and has been living in a scary antiseptic world where everyone who dealt with him was wearing a mask. I'm guessing he's happy to be back home in his own bed again, and so am I.

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Tanya T said...

That's the bad part of MP3 players, that and you have to stand directly infront of your children and do some frantic hand waving or hand gestures to get their attention since they can't hear you over the music.

Glad your nephew is feeling better. I'm hoping none of us get the H1N1 virus this year. I think Hubby and I had it last March, it was horrible.Hubby missed a full week of work.