Thursday, October 29, 2009

that didn't last long

The pig the kids caught on Tuesday night lasted about 6 hours. About 1am I woke up hearing the strangest noise and it took me a while to figure out what it was. Once I was awake and cognizant enough, I realized it was the piglet squealing like it was next in line at the slaughterhouse. Since I prefer sleeping to listening to pigs at 1am (or just about any time, if you want to know the truth) I gave hubby a helpful little nudge and told him he had to 'do something about that stupid pig'. He crawled out of bed sounding none too enthusiastic and 20 minutes later, he was back and all was quiet. I asked him what he did and he said he let it go, but he had to catch it first, which was no easy feat, those little buggers are fast. I guess I should have pulled myself out of bed and made use of the video camera, because I'm sure watching hubby running around in his underwear with a flashlight trying to catch a squealing baby pig at 1am would make for some wonderful viewing.

I don't think the guys who put on my tires on Tuesday did a good job putting my hubcaps back on. Last night we were driving to Bible Study and we heard an odd noise like something plastic hitting the gravel then rolling down the road. Angel #1 said, that sounded like a hubcap. I hadn't seen one on the side of the road as I was driving, though that's not to say there wasn't. The road is a narrow, twisty one perched on the side of a mountain with very few guardrails, so I spend most of my time trying to keep between the lines and not doing much looking around. Problem is, I'm not sure how many hubcaps were on my van in the first place but it won't be an issue any more, since now there aren't any on it. My van is a mess.

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Tanya T said...

LOL, i lost a hubcap on the way to dropping the kids off to school one winter morning. I was so embarrassed that some other mom flagged me down to tell me it rolled along side my car down the street, hit the curb and flew into someone's yard all without me knowing about it. Of course with all the snow in people's yards we were never going to find it. Then spring came along and the homeowner propped my hubcap up against the tree. I made the kids jump out and grab it, i was too embarrassed!