Monday, October 12, 2009

birthday shopping

You're right, Jeannie, WE may be smarter, but Albert Einstein has it all over him in the humbleness department (I'm guessing Albert's grammar is better as well).

Tomorrow is Angel #4's eleventh birthday. She's been watching these how-to videos on Hulu called Howdini - it's an evil show that makes it look like it takes only 5 minutes to make really cute decorated birthday cakes. She couldn't decide between the panda bear cake and the mermaid, but finally decided on the mermaid. I was pretty thankful since it involves the least amount of cake sculpting and art skills. Sadly, I couldn't find Swedish Fish, gumdrops or reasonably prices fruit roll-ups (to wrap around a Barbie doll's legs to make the mermaid tail), so we decided to do the mermaid cake for Saturday when she has her party and just do a simple quickie cheesecake for the official day tomorrow. I was on the ball and remembered to buy birthday candles, we ran out for Angel #1's birthday in July and I resorted to breaking the candles in half so we had the required number of flames to blow out.

Yesterday, we were driving down the highway where part of the Ironman Triathlon took place on Saturday. For the past few weeks, they've had signs along the road saying Warning, Ironman Athletes in Training. Someone messed with the letters on one of the signs, making it say: Warning, Ironman Athletes in Pain. LOL What amazes me is that even after these people spent all day Saturday swimming 2 miles, biking 112 THEN running a full marathon, the very next day, some of them were right out there biking along the highway. Nuts, NUTS I say!

Hubby worked at the funeral home again today. He's learning new lessons every day. Last week, it was "never assume that just because something looks like a garbage can, it is". Today's lesson was "Just because that hill of dirt behind funeral home looks a little odd, doesn't mean it's not just a hill of dirt". I'm wondering if that last one is just wishful thinking on his part. Angel #1 had the day off school today and Hubby had him help him work at the funeral home - I think the Angel will be happy to go back to school tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing. Isn't this the coolest turkey roasting pan ever? (yeah, I'm a kitchenwares geek)

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