Thursday, May 2, 2013

dodged that one

There was supposed to be another track meet tonight.  After beautiful weather mon-wed, last night around 6, a cold front moved in and it got COLD.  With wind and highs of the mid-40's, I really didn't want to freeze through another meet, but fortunately for me, it started pouring about an hour before the meet was to start and they cancelled it.  I'm sure WE will be a mixture of relieved and upset.  Yesterday, he tried pole vaulting for the first time in practice and his coach decided to have him compete in tonight's meet and WE was pretty nervous.  Maybe next time, I'm kind of excited to see him try something new.  At his meet on Tuesday night, he did really well in the long jump and made a new lifetime personal record of 18'5 1/4", it wasn't enough to place, but he was pretty excited to make such a good jump and improving his previous record by over 8 inches.  He also finaled in the triple jump, which is pretty amazing since he hasn't done the triple since he was a freshman, once again, he didn't place but in track, it's more about beating your own records than beating someone else.

It's my little WE's birthday today.  He's 17 years old, I can't believe how grown-up my kids are getting.  I got him a cake at the local cake store.  I always used to make birthday cakes for the kids birthdays, but since the cake store opened, we've been getting them there instead.  We aren't real cake fans, so whenever I made a cake in a 9x13 cake pan, I'd end up throwing half of it out (unless Angel #2 is around, she LOVES cake).  The cakes at the cake shop are smaller, they cut into about  6 nice sized pieces, just enough for one for each of us and a couple extra for the birthday boy/girl.  Not only are they better tasting than mine, they sell for the ridiculously low price of $8, they could easily get double that, but I'm not going to tell them, I prefer getting them under priced, because I'm a cheapskate that way.


Jeanie_C said...

In these parts, track is about beating your opponent. Perhaps it's different in the MW than in the PNW.

And when I was competing in HS, they never canceled a meet, even in the pouring rain. But that might be because it rained a LOT in the spring.

Afton said...

Happy birthday, WE!!