Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The End....I think

I think last night was my last track meet of the year.  Since we've been averaging about 3 meets/week for the last month, I can use the break. Freezing my  butt off on the bleachers was getting old.  Fortunately, it was a beautiful day yesterday for the Regionals, so I really enjoyed last night's meet. It helped the WE was really in the zone and did great.  He managed to place in all four of the events he was in and will be going on to Sectionals for all of them.  Sectionals takes place in a town 80 miles away and I'm not planning on making the drive, so my little boy is on his on Thursday evening, but I'm sure he'll do fine.  He's the first runner in the 4x100 m relay and the 4x200 m relay and the long jump.  He also managed to get into sectionals in the 100 meter dash, which is pretty amazing since I don't recall him ever even competing in that event before and his coach just kind of threw him in there as more of an afterthought and told WE to just run his best.  Everyone was surprised that he finaled, including the coach, who was pretty much bursting his buttons over it.  I've been jokingly calling WE and his buddy Grant the coach's golden boys since both of them managed to get a spot at sectionals for all 4 of their regional events.  Grant's parents said they'd cheer WE on for me on Thursday since I wasn't going to be there to do it myself.  Also, since it was regionals our school was competing against schools the same size as theirs, as opposed to regular conference where there's a pretty large discrepancy between school sizes, some of them over half again the size of ours. So our team standing was really good last night as well.  The kids all did great and it was wonderful seeing them enjoying the weather and their sport.

Angel #4 is going to meet with the chief of police and have lunch with her this week. I guess she did good in some kind of good citizen incentive thing and the reward was pizza with the police.  I'm so thankful that when I hear about my kid's brushes with the law, they've all been good brushes.  Plus, it's cool that the police take time to build good relationships with the kids, it'll help things along in the future.  Though, from what I've heard, the biggest problem the kids at the high school seem to have is doing 360's out on the country roads at night- we're not exactly inner city Detroit around here, for which I'm immensely thankful.  All our kids have guns, but around here they're used to take out coon and whitetail, not rival gang members.  What a different world some people live in.

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