Saturday, May 18, 2013

done - ish

Wednesday afternoon the first coat of paint went on the kitchen ceiling with no problems.  Thursday came the second coat, which went a bit slower because my arms were hurting from the day before.  Friday, I did the walls and brush painted around the trim.  There's a LOT of trim in the kitchen because    even though my kitchen is relatively small, there are six doorways in there.  They liked doorways in the old days apparently.  Eventually in the probably very distant future, we're going to switch the bathroom around so we can have the door going into the laundry room instead of into the kitchen, that'll open up a little bit more wall space so I can put in some cabinets or something and give me a little bit more storage room in there because right now I've only got one wall of cabinets (the other 3 walls are covered in doorways) and one peninsula thingy we sort of plopped in there so I had a little counter top space.  I don't know how they got anything done in this kitchen back in the day.  But anyway, my kitchen is all pretty and colorful and my arms are killing me.

Today the weather was nice, so I did a bunch of laundry, then thought I'd go over to the garden and see how the raspberry bushes were getting along.  One thing led to another and I started pruning them back, then weeding them.  Then I moved on to the flower garden/herb bed next to the garage.  I got that about 75% weeded and cleaned out before I pooped out and retreated to the front porch with a good book.  Oh, and I also planted a lilac bush I picked up at the store the other day when I got the paint for the kitchen ceiling. It's called a double bubble bush or something like that because it flowers in the spring like a normal lilac bush, then a second time later in the summer.  More lilac for your buck!  I like that.  Lilac are my favorite flower and I can't wait to have some wonderful smelling blooms right outside my dining room window.  I've planted tons of lilac bushes over the years, but never get to enjoy the flowers because by the time they're established enough to put out blooms, we've moved on to the next house.  I hope we'll be around here long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor for this bush.  A nomadic lifestyle does have its disadvantages.

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