Wednesday, May 8, 2013

body parts in my kitchen

I had to tell hubs last night to not eat the pancreas sitting in the kitchen.  Normally, a pancreas wouldn't be that tempting to start snacking on, but this particular pancreas was made out of Rice Crispy treats and Trix cereal.  WE's anatomy teacher has some odd assignments.  A couple weeks ago, he made cookies that looked like brains.  Lovely.  WE posted a picture of his pancreas on his Facebook page, his buddy said that it had nothing on his beautiful thyroid creation.  What happened to the old days when we just dissected a rat and called it a day?

We spent the weekend in Milwaukee.  Hubs had a Toastmasters convention (sadly, to late I discovered it had nothing to do with making the perfect breakfast side dish) and we decided to all go together for a little get away.  WE decided he'd rather stay home, so Angel #4 brought her friend, Jenna, along.  Friday night hubs and I mixed and mingled, then Saturday morning we were getting ready to head out again.  Hubs took some business cards out of his wallet and just happened to read one of them out loud.  He said, "A2Z Dreams."  Then Jenna (#4's friend) said, "hey, that's my cousin's business!" How strange is that?  It just happened that the cousin was doing a presentation that afternoon, so we told the girls to come to the convention center and listen.  Angela (the cousin) was so excited to have Jenna come listen to her.  What are the odds that #4's best friend's cousin just happened to be giving a presentation at a convention 100 miles away from where we live at the convention we were at?  Life is odd sometimes.  In other odd things, another convention goer happened to be someone I went to high school with, she graduated two years after me. Weird, huh?

On our way home on Sunday, we stopped by The Domes in Milwaukee, a conservatory with tropical, desert and show plants and trees.  It was a pleasant little side trip and brought back some memories of Hawaii.

Jeannie, our track team is so small compared to other schools that there's very little chance of the team itself ever winning a meet, so they're more about bettering their own records though winning is fun also.  :)  I'm guessing you must not have the lightning issues we've got around here.  Commonly, rain brings lightning and having people sitting in metal bleachers or kids standing around in a flat field surrounded by huge light towers isn't an ideal situation, so it's a safety issue.  That, and standing around in pouring rain in 40 degree weather can't be good for keeping muscles warmed up before events and, to me, would be just begging for more injuries.

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Jeanie_C said...

Yes, team wins can be hard to come by, but the good thing about track, is individual wins are still a real possibility, no matter how big the team.

And I was talking about where I grew up, not where I live now. But yes, thunder and lightning storms were more of a summer thing where I grew up, and were very rare in spring. We always had our meets, even if it was pouring. And you're right about it being hard on the muscles: I had one memorable meet that was freakin' freezing cold, windy and sprinkling (not pouring). I had to run the 880 (now known as the 800 meters) and by the end, my muscles just seized up. I won, but holy cow, once I crossed the line, I could hardly walk. I think it took me hours to get warm.