Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A cats trust is a precarious thing

This winter, someone dropped a kitten off at our house and it's been living in our barn. We started feeding it about 2 months ago and slowly it's gotten used to us.  It used to hide when we put out the food and only eat once we left, then it would watch me fill the  cat dish, but wouldn't come any closer.    Then it started meeting us at the top of the ladder as we came up (it lives in the haymow) and soon we could pet her - we finally figured out she was a girl. She even - reluctantly - lets us hold her.  Until today.  She was all loving to me, wanting me to pet her and stuff, then I thought she walked away to eat her food, so I started leaving.  I didn't realize she started rubbing against my legs until I accidentally kicked her.  Not hard or anything, just enough to make her think I'm a meaniepants.  When I told her I was sorry and tried to pet her to make up, she hissed and scratched at me.  I hope she gets over it by tomorrow.  I'm trying to get everything in line so we can get her fixed before it's too late and it will be a lot easier to get her to the vet if she lets us pick her up.  BTW, since she's accepting us, I decided she needed a name.  Her name is Tuna Catarole - Tuna for short, it was either that or Purrrsephone.

WE came home from school yesterday and modeled his new FFA jacket.  Somehow, he's not exactly sure how, he was elected as an FFA officer for next school year, so he needed the required blue corduroy jacket complete with embroidered name and office on the chest.  This being a rural community, FFA is a pretty popular school club, WE's girlfriend and other friends have gone to dairy competitions (this IS Wisconsin, you know) and all kinds of stuff.  I think WE joined because they eat a lot of ice cream at their club meetings.

Hubs finally got my kitchen ceiling all drywalled, mudded and primed, so today I picked up some paint and put the first coat on.  I'm painting the kitchen ceiling the same lime green color that the dining room walls and stairwell are.  Once I'm done with the ceiling, I've got to repaint the kitchen walls, they've been about 3/4's done for over a year, but it didn't pay to finish until the ceiling got done.  So, once I've got the ceiling finished, I'll do the walls turquoise blue and repaint the white trim.  Then a few touch-ups on the orange cabinets and it'll be all painted.  Then the next step is new flooring and I'll have a gorgeous (and colorful) kitchen.

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