Saturday, May 25, 2013

I need to get out more

I got two emails in the last couple days.  One is of hubs posing with who appears to be Miss Hawaii and the other was of Angel #2 and a guy dressed up like Dr Who (#9, my favorite Doctor).  Hubs was helping out at Special Olympics state games on Oahu an #2 was at Comic Palooza in Houston.  The highlight of my day was that I got the garden plowed.  I think I need a life.

It was graduation night last night, since we didn't have anyone graduating this year, I got to stay home, but both WE and Angel #4 went.  #4 had to perform with the band and WE has a lot of friends who were graduating, especially one of his very best buddies.  It's always so hard to say goodbye to friends you've spent so much time with and though they'll still have the summer, it just won't be the same anymore.  It's all part of growing up.

Talk about growing, I got some of the garden planted today after it got plowed.  It was kind of funny in a warped way - I'd asked our neighbor if he could plow our garden, but because he had disc surgery on his back a few months ago, he's unable to to the twisting and turning involved in plowing a garden, so he sent his brother over to do it.  When he was a teenager, his brother was in a horrible accident and lost both his arms and I think one of his legs(?).  It just struck my as kind of weird that he sent over a no-armed, one legged man to plow because he wasn't physically able.  Anyway, he did a great job a I got my corn, peppers, tomatoes, and other stuff in.  I'm trying some new vegetables again this year, last years kohlrabi were a rousing success.  So the new veggies of the summer are brussels sprouts and leeks.  I also put in heirloom tomatoes a tomatillo plant, I'm looking forward to trying those babies out this summer.  I just hope the poor things don't freeze out there, the stupid temperatures are peaking out in the upper 50's the last couple days - the calendar says it's almost June, but I'm not believing it.  All the farmers seem to be optimistic, tractors have been going by all weekend getting their plowing and planting done.  I got stuck behind one of those tractor thingys with the huge 6 foot tall wheels that are so high it can drive above the corn plants, it kicked up mud all over the front of my van, I was just thankful it wasn't a manure spreader.

Angel #4 is tent camping with friends for the weekend, I hope she doesn't freeze her butt off.  Oh well, even if she can't go swimming or anything, I'm sure she'll have a great time.  I avoid camping at all costs, especially tent camping, so this is definitely not something she'd experience with her mother.

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