Monday, May 13, 2013

Angels and weddings

Angel #2 came home on Thursday.  Our dear friend Sarah got married on Saturday, so #2 came home for the nuptials.  Angel #1 was going to try to come home as well, but his bossy Uncle Sam wouldn't let him.  What a meanie.

I really missed #2 and it's been nice having her home again.  She was supposed to head out this afternoon, but her flight was cancelled.  This will actually work out to my advantage since Hubs is flying out tomorrow morning, so I'm taking them both to the airport together since #2 is now rescheduled to fly out on the same flight as her daddy.  The inconvenient part is that we've got to leave home at 4:30am to get them there for their 6:30 flight.  

Sarah's wedding was beautiful on Saturday, the weather didn't cooperate, it was cold and rainy, but since it was an inside wedding it really didn't matter anyway.  But, it is nicer to have a sunny day for your wedding.  Oh well, she's just as married no matter what the weather.

I'm having way too much fun at work as a lunch lady and apparently I've infected the children.  Part of my job consists to entering in the kid's ID numbers when they are in the lunch line so they can be charged properly.  If they don't have enough lunch money, it pops up on my screen and I remind the kids to tell them at home to send some money in.  That got a little boring, so I jazzed it up a bit.  I started telling the overdue lunch money kids that if they didn't bring some money in, they were going to have to sit under the tables instead of at them.  Then I would tell the other kids standing around them in the line to make sure not to kick them when they were eating.  I also told a few that this could work out to their advantage - if someone drops their french fries, it would be an added bonus to the under the table kids.  The other day, I told a kid he needed to bring in some lunch money and one of the other kids in the line said: Jordan, you're going to have to eat under the table today!  I've taught them well. :)

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