Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm track meet-ing in my sleep

So, we were at a middle school track meet last night, a high school one at the same place tonight, another one is scheduled on Thursday night and next week there are 2 more and a middle school concert.  And to think this winter we were wandering around with nothing to do.  We're also going to Milwaukee for the weekend this weekend and we've got a wedding next weekend.  Looks like the summer rush has already begun.  Fortunately, the beautiful weather has also arrived, so sitting at track meets isn't as arduous as it has been so far this spring.  It's not much fun cheering the kids on when you're bundled up in winter coats and mittens - especially when the kids all have to run in those skimpy little track uniforms, so then I feel guilty that I'm whining about the cold when the kids are wearing about 1/4 the amount of clothes that I am.

Angel #4 got a second place in the discus last night, that has quickly become her favorite event and I think she's going to talk to one of the high school girls who is really good to see if she can help her out a bit since the middle school coaches don't have much time or experience to help the field event kids, most of the focus is on track at that age.

Lastly, what is it with all the press being given to athletes 'coming out'?  It amazes me that how people prefer to have sex has any relevance in anyone's lives but the participating parties.  Why does this make the news?  I don't care if some football player plays for the other team, so to speak, and I can't see how anyone else would care either.  That goes for anyone, actually, if you want to be gay, go right ahead and have a good time, but why do I need to know and/or care about it?  I don't tell them how I prefer to have sex, so why do they feel the need to tell everyone?  Keep it in the bedroom people.

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