Thursday, April 4, 2013

supper shouldn't go boom

Last night, Angel #4 asked me what was for supper and I said "nothing, it just exploded."  Her only response was, "oh".  Does that say something about my cooking skills that it doesn't surprise my kids when I explode supper?  

So this is what happened.  I don't have a roaster pan, so when I make a roast chicken or turkey, I just put it in my 9x13 glass cake pan.  Last night I was roasting a half chicken, I went to check on it and noticed that it was getting a little dry in the pan. I put some water in a cup and was adding it to the pan when BOOM!!  The pan shattered into thousands of pieces.  The water I added must not have been hot enough and its coolness broke the glass.  And I'm telling you, it exploded. There was glass all over the oven, not a piece bigger than a quarter and the chicken sitting there directly on the oven rack.  It didn't take long for this to appear on facebook: I'm making ramen because mommy exploded dinner. There are no secrets with facebook.  Mission tonight:  buy new cake pan

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Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Okay, so I may not comment every post, but I do so enjoy reading them. Never a dull moment with you!:)

Lately we've been having some of those moments in the Netzel household, starting with a weasel in the garage and today Wayne went to empty hay from his tool box in the barn that he thought the kids had stuffed in there and almost grabbed the snarling snout of a possum.

His first thought was they'd stuffed one of their plastic dinosaurs in there, and then it moved and scared the s#*! out of him. *grin* I took pictures. (Of the POSSUM! nothing else)