Monday, April 22, 2013

just thawed out

Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I love my birthday and I can't understand those who hate getting older.  I just think of each birthday and each year older as a massive accomplishment.  It's like, "hey, I'm 45 years old!  That means I didn't die at at 44. Yay me!"

So, Tuesday, I froze to death at WE's track meet.  It's the last half of April, you'd think we'd get a few days that didn't require full-on winter wear.  The temps were in the mid-40's, which isn't that bad, but it was windy as well and we were all bundled up in hats, gloves, winter coats etc.  Right after the meet I went home and stood in a hot shower until I felt human again.  The same thing happened Saturday, except this was an Invitational, so it lasted most of the day.  I was rooked into volunteering at the concession stand, so I showed up around 10am and got home around 3.  Once again, I was all bundled up, though it was a few degrees warmer standing inside the concessions than it was out in the open, but you can't see the races real well from inside the stand.  I did get out to watch WE race and he did rather well.  He got 3rd place medals in the long jump, 4x4 and 4x2 relays.  He also got a 6th place in the 200 meter dash, which was pretty good since there were over 20 kids running in that race.  He also PR'd (personal record) in the long jump with a 17'3/4" jump, not his best ever(17'9"), but pretty good, especially since I'm sure his muscles were cold and stiff because of the weather.

Yesterday, we were invited to a friend's for dinner and had a great time.  Back in the day we spent a lot of time with them, but now we live 70 miles apart, so it's not quite so easy to hang out anymore.  Angel #1 and their youngest daughter are the same age and essentially grew up together, so we've decided that we need to get the 2 of them together so we'll have more of an excuse to make the trip to hang out together in the future.  After we left their house, we stopped by my little brother's house.  We don't see him real often either - actually, I don't think I've seen him all winter, so it was nice catching up with him as well.  It was his little girl's 7th birthday party yesterday, so he was still trying to unwind from that chaos while my niece convinced Angel #4 to play with her new Barbie cruise ship with her.

Tonight, hubs is trying something new.  He's going to open mike night at a comedy club and give stand-up comedy a try.  I'm going to go along sit in the audience and laugh at all the appropriate places to help him out.  Should be interesting.

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