Thursday, April 11, 2013

We'd better have some pretty stinkin awesome May flowers, is all I can say

What is with this weather?  Rain rain rain, slop, mud, more slop, and then yesterday?  Ice storm!  Tree branches went down, our power went out, it was ridiculous.  Things aren't supposed to get nice any time soon.

Hubs and I got our taxes all signed and paid for this afternoon, it's nice we got that done.  Though, it just burns my butt that we've got to fork over $800+ to get something done that we're required to do by a government that takes no responsibility for its own actions.  At least this  year we're getting money back, it would really suck if we had to pay that kind of money only to find out we have to pay more money so the government can take it and screw it away.  That's happened before and it's no fun. Our accountant, who's also a friend, looks pretty exhausted and I think he'll be pretty happy when April 15 rolls around and his life can get back to some semblance of normalcy.

The local paper had a picture gallery of 86 pictures posted online of the prom.  About 10 of those pictures featured WE, most of which were of him dancing on the stage by himself.  A few were of him  dancing a slow dance with his besty while their girlfriends looked on.  *sigh* and he's embarrassed to be seen with US???  At least he had a fun time.

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