Sunday, April 28, 2013

we opened windows today!!

We had our first open window day today.  Yay!  Hubs and I went for a walk and it got so warm we stripped down to tee-shirts.  Finally nice weather.  It was beautiful yesterday as well, but rather than be home with the windows open, I was coerced into going to the mall with Angel #4 to get her 8th grade graduation dress and a dress for a wedding we've got coming up in 2 weeks.  It was nice having an afternoon with just the two of us - as a special treat we did all you can each Chinese, I prefer to think of it as my reward for voluntarily taking her to the mall end finding dresses for each occasion.  I also had a minor mom victory when both the dresses she ended up getting were ones that I'd picked out for her to try on.  Also at the mall were dozens of prom kids.  Apparently, the thing is to go wander the mall before going to prom.  I guess it's one way to show your dress of to as many people as possible.

My house is also a disaster area.  Hubs put up the final sheet of drywall and has been mudding and sanding my kitchen ceiling.  The original ceiling had been taken out and never replaced by the people who lived here before us, so we've been living with a partially finished kitchen ceiling since we moved in.  It was decided that this was one project that was going to get done before summer if it killed us.  There's one more coat of mud to  put on yet, then one more round of sanding, then I can finally finish painting the kitchen and it'll look a little bit more like a room where you'd be willing to eat the food prepared there.  But first, I've got tons and tons of drywall dust to clean up.  It's all over the house and covering everything, in spite of the fact that we hung plastic sheeting over all the doorways in the kitchen before hubs did the sanding.  It sifted through cracks and crevices and is everywhere.  We've done minor cleaning up, but it doesn't pay to work too hard at clean-up until the sanding is completely done.  I can't wait.  I've decided to paint the ceiling the same lime green color as the walls in the dining room, with the melon colored cabinets and turquoise blue walls, it's going to look spectacular.  Then the next step....replacing the cracked linoleum flooring, then that kitchen will be a freakin' showplace, people.

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mommustwrite said...

I opened all of our windows on Saturday - so nice to enjoy the beautiful weather and air things out.

Glad shopping went well.

The kitchen sounds awesome! Send some pics when you get it done.