Wednesday, April 24, 2013

another butt freezing

Last night was ANOTHER track meet, but this time it was for Angel #4.  Fortunately for us, she does mostly field events and only one running, which is one of the early events, so we could boogie out early and didn't have to stay for the whole thing like we do with WE.  He's in the 4x4 relay, which is always the very last event at any track meet.  #4 didn't do real great at her running event, but that's understandable, she's not a runner and isn't built like a runner.  She was right in line with the other girls in the shot put and didn't do real great in the long jump, but I think that has more to do with the cold weather.  At the middle school level, the kids don't do much to warm up before events and don't even take off their sweats to do their events if it's too cold outside.  But then, #4 did the discus and pretty much sent the competition home packing with their heads hung low.  She took a first place with the 2nd place winner throwing a full 3 feet shorter than #4's throw.  At 57 feet, it also beat #4's previous best by about 10 feet.  I think the discus just might be her event.

Hubs did awesome at open mike night at the comedy club.  He was one of 16 participants and I think he was the funniest of the lot.  Of course, I might be just the teeniest bit prejudice.  He got pretty steady laughs and only bombed on his very last joke, but that may have been more because of the delivery than the joke itself.  He's going to give it another try next Monday night.

Sunday, Angel #4 lost her cell phone.  We've searched high and low and cant' figure out what happened to it.  So she's been using my phone for texting.  The other day we were on her case over her excessive texts and told her she's going to have to start paying for them.  She claims there's no way she could have made over 6000 texts last month.  Well, I checked out my phone yesterday.  In 1 day, she had one conversation with a boy that consisted of 71 texts - 65 of those texts said, I miss U  do U miss me  I miss U 2  or some variation of that.  Really?  How much can you possibly miss someone you've just spent the entire day at school with?  And yeah, 6000 texts per month doesn't seem that impossible anymore, does it?

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