Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well, it's kind of like a ship in a bottle

My household hit new 'what the heck???" heights this morning.  Every morning before breakfast, I do my chicken chores.  I feed the big chickens and let them outside for the day, feed and water the 51 broiler chicks and Wonky Leg Chicken and feed and water the layer chicks...and that's when things got interesting.  The chick feeders are a plastic base with holes in it that you screw into the top of a 1 regular mouth canning jar full of feed.  You flip it upside down and taa-daa  food for chicks.  But, the layer chicks had emptied their jar during the night, knocked it over and managed to get the bottom of the plastic base off (I've been having problems keeping it on lately).  There must have been some feed still in the bottom of the jar and one of the chicks crawled in there to eat it and got stuck.  So, I look in the pen and see a chicken in the jar.  I didn't know if I should try to get it out or stick it on my fireplace mantel.  But, since I don't actually have a fireplace, I figured I should get it out.  I tried luring it out, but it would get as far as sticking its head out, then it couldn't get any traction on the glass jar with its feet and couldn't get any further.  I tried just shaking it out of the jar, but it braced its legs against the mouth of the jar because it was afraid of falling.  Finally, I had to wrap the jar in a towel and break it with a hammer.  The chicken was just fine - if a bit traumatized and was more than happy to get back in the pen with its buddies.  And this was before I'd even had breakfast this morning.

After my chicken adventure, it was time to deal with the half bushel of peaches I got Friday.  I canned up 12 quarts of peach pie filling.  YAY for peach pie!

Yesterday was Angel #1's 20th birthday.  I was pretty happy that we got to have him home for his birthday.  We had some friends and family over for supper to celebrate and made sure everyone went home with bags full of my excess garden produce since I'm currently being swamped by kohlrabi.  #1 turning 20 isn't making just me feel old.  Angel #2 managed to get off work and she was here last night and commented on how much older she felt having a brother who was in his 20's.  It's like a whole new level.  After the company left, the boys headed out to a friend's cabin for the night and the girls, hubs and I played a bunch of rounds of MadGab.  Angel #2 pretty much kicks butt in that game.  Sunday night, the had one of our infamous family games of Pit.  I don't know how many people play Pit anymore, but it's still really popular with my family.  We get a particular laugh out of WE, who's got to be the world's worst Pit player.  He prefers to believe that the winner is the one with the lowest score, instead of the highest, despite the rules of the game.  So we started calling him the Tiger Woods of Pit, though I don't think Tiger can manage a negative 150 points in golf, so WE's got him beat.  Angel #1 really had his Pit groove on and won the game with 790 points - hubs came in second with 240 points, just to show you how bad #1 kicked our butts.  It's nice having my family all together, even it its just for a little while.  I take #1 to the airport tomorrow and he'll be back marching around Camp Pendleton before you know it.

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