Thursday, August 16, 2012

And the school craziness is starting already

WE started Cross Country practice on Monday.  He was still using the $25 Walmart cheapo tennis shoes I bought him for track last spring and they were looking pretty worn, so yesterday we headed to town to do some shopping.  I'm also trying to get all the doctor appointments done before school, so I took him to the dentist as well.  After we got his no cavity report, we headed to the sporting goods store to get him a new pair of trainers, I decided since he does so much running, we could splurge and spend a little more than $25 this time.  I also got him a new pair of daily use tennies since the ones he's been wearing are too small for him and he's had them for almost 2 years already.  His brother gave them to him because they were too small for him otherwise, he never would have got a pair that expensive, I usually always lean toward the cheapo shoes.  But since they lasted for so long without literally falling apart, I figured it made sense to buy the same brand for him again.  All in all, we got out of the store with $120 worth of shoes in the shopping bag.  I drew the line at getting him a pair of light racing sprinters, we'd just spent $60 on a pair of those for him for track last year and my generosity in the shoe department has its limits.  He's hoping his track sprinters will double as cross country sprinters, it may be just a matter of screwing the spikes into the soles, and he'll be the speediest guy on the CC trail.  He said that a whole bunch of the kids got new shoes for the beginning of the season and when they walked into the gym today for practice the whole place was filled with the sound of new, squeaky tennis shoes.

He's got a new coach for cross country this year, the kids like him, but he works them pretty hard.  Since practice started on Monday, WE's taken a nap every afternoon after eating everything he can get his hands on.  I hope he adjusts to the practices before school starts or he's going to be sleeping in calculus class.  The first CC meet is on Thursday - it's the hardest, most grueling trail of the season, so he's really got his work cut out for him.

Angel #4 is spending the week with Angel #2 at #2's house/workplace.  I think #2 is glad of the company and it's nice for #4 to get a little time in with her sister before school starts.  #4 starts volleyball practice on Monday, so her free time is soon going to be a bit limited, then when school rolls around on Sept 4, the daily grind begins.  Wow, the summer sure went by fast.

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