Saturday, August 25, 2012

football and 'squitos

Last night was the first night for (non-conference) high school football.  The weather was gorgeous and I was looking forward to getting out in the stands.  Our team didn't disappoint and it was a massacre 52-0.  The mosquitoes were out in as big a force as the football fans.  The were bad in the stands, but not unbearable, I don't think the opposing team could say the same.  The  home team and the stands are on one side of the field, the opposing team makes camp opposite, the strip of field that borders the woods.  Though this isn't normally a problem during football season since we usually get a good frost fairly early in the year, but since it's only August, the mosquitoes haven't been froze out yet.  Those poor kids were slapping away and waving  towels over their heads trying to get away from the swarm.  Either someone forgot to pack the mosquito spray or the spray was no match for the mosquitoes.

I also had a new experience - a new one for me at least, for most people it wouldn't be such a  novelty.  We were sitting next to one of the football players family and his little sister has the same name as me.  I've never in my life, sat next to someone with the same name as me.  I kept looking when they'd say something to her, thinking they were talking to me.  Not that unusual for you Mikes, Cathys and Jenny's out there, but when your name is Dulcie, it's kind of cool.

Today, my sister is coming over with her kids and we're heading out to the fair.  There's a wad of deep fried cookie dough calling my name and I plan to answer.  I love going through the animals barns at the fair and the craft and gardening sheds and all the fun stuff that the fair entails.  I'm sure we're going to have a great time.

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