Saturday, August 18, 2012

We were off to see the Wizard

Last night, the whole family went out to the high school to see The Wizard of Oz.  It was an all school event, with the elementary school kids playing the Munchkins and flying monkeys and high school kids playing the main characters.  They all did a wonderful job, Angel #4's friend (Super Mom's kid) played the Wicked Witch and gave a super performance.  Dorothy, the Lion and the Tin Girl (apparently only a limited number of boys tried out) all had wonderful singing voices.  Some of the costumes looked a bit familiar - the Mayor of Munchkinland was wearing a baton twirler uniform and the flying monkey's and the Winkies were both wearing what looked to be various parts of the marching band uniforms.  I think our favorite part was the tornado scene.  To give the illusion that things were flying past Dorothy's window, kids went cruising by on roller blades and rolling office chairs, it was hilarious.  There were a few of the opening night flub-ups, but the kids improvised well - especially in the case of the cowardly lion, whose costume made him particularly clumsy, he fell once and dropped his 'courage' medal twice, but he was doing such a great job as the lion that it almost looked like it was all planned.

The girl that Angel #2 nannies for is spending the weekend with us.  She's 17 years old and autistic.  She's usually a very nice girl when she isn't having a melt-down - but #2 can usually anticipate them and gets her meds into her before it gets too bad.  The girl likes to not only watch tv, but to have it on as a constant background noise, so #2 brought a tv along with them since we don't have one.  My house is noisy and chaotic, but none of us are used to the constant blat of a tv going on in the background and it didn't take long for us to all start going nuts, especially since it was the same episodes of Full House over and over again.  I shut it off about an hour ago for my sanity' s sake and we're trying to keep her occupied in ways that doesn't include DJ and Uncle Jessie.

My tomatoes are ripening in the garden and I made 9 pints to salsa today.  We'd just finished the last jar of homemade salsa I made last year, so it was just in time.  I've got tons of green tomatoes, so I'm seeing a whole lot of salsa making in my near future.

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