Friday, April 20, 2012

This is probably why I shouldn't be allowed out in public

Last night was a meeting for parents of music students. The choir and band teachers sent a note saying they were trying to get up a parent group for music students so they had advocates for the music department, much like the group of wrestling parents our school district has. I didn't know if I should go to the meeting or not, I'm not exactly a joiner, besides, I was afraid I was going to end up volunteering for something. But, Angel #4 said they were serving really good cookies, so that tipped the scales. Apparently, the news of the cookies didn't get out there and there were only 3 of us parents there and the three music teachers. One of the moms was the professional cookie maker who brought the awesome cookies, the other was the super-mom.

I think every school has a super-mom. She's the one that chaperones every field trip and school dance, goes to every school event and knows all the teachers on a first name basis. Our current super-mom also feels everyone is entitled to her opinion. At a 7th grade basketball game this winter, she literally went down onto the court during a time-out, broke into the huddle and told the team what they should do. The coach was speechless. Well, last night, super-mom was talking about a choir field trip the kids went on in March. They went to an Irish song and dance concert in a town 40 miles away. She was saying she was shocked that the school didn't require that every student that went on the trip wasn't required to have a parent or guardian with them - uh yeah, because it's much more sensible to have to schedule an extra bus so that parents can supervise the same kids that the teachers manage to control for 8 hours every school day. Obviously, I was NOT on that trip. They didn't even ask for chaparones, so it never even occurred to me to go along. Well, super-mom ponied up the cash for her own ticket so she could ride along on the bus with the rest of the group and felt everyone else should have done the same, she "couldn't comprehend" how parents wouldn't want to go along with their kids. Unable to keep quiet, I said, "then you didn't have enough kids. I had 4 babies in 6 years, any chance I get to get them out of the house, I take. Heck, some days I just drive real slow past the school and shove them out the car door." I guess I don't have a high tolerance level for people I don't really care for. I like or put up with most people, but there are just some people that flip my switches, and she's one of them.

In my defense, I had been out and running around all day and by the time the band meeting rolled around, I was getting peopled out. I planted 6 lilac bushes hubs got for me in the morning, I love lilacs, they're my favorite flower. After that, hubs and I went to an Optimist Club lunch. Hubs is a new member and he wanted me to come to a meeting and see what it's all about. After we got home from the lunch, I had to pick WE up for a Drs appointment. We had to meet a new doctor because his regular one jumped the gun and had her baby yesterday, the day before she was scheduled to go on maternity leave. She's now the proud mother of a baby boy. After we got home from the Dr, I had about an hour before I had to pick Angel #4 up from track practice and on the way home from that, we stopped by the local nursery to buy some plants. The nursery is closed, the Amish family who owned it are moving back to Ohio soon and are just getting rid of the plants they had leftover from last year. I bought 20 asparagus plants, 2 cherry bushes and a grape vine. Now I'm hoping for nice weather so I can get all of them into the ground. I may pick up another couple of cherry bushes, he had a lot of them left yet and man, I really really love cherries (and asparagus too, obviously).


Afton said...

You are so awesome. :D This super-mom story is one of my favorite stories ever.

tanya t said...

Do you ever wonder how deep of a depression those super-mom types fall into when their kids are grown and gone? I love my kids, but I don't get so obsessed with their lives that I fail to enjoy my own. I've got long awaited plans and hobbies I'm wanting to start when the last one is done with school.
Good for you for saying, would have loved to have seen her reaction! Good score on those plants too.....I sure can't wait to get my new perennial bed planted.

JeanieC said...

She is a typical helicopter parent: They hover over every single aspect of their lives, even after they are grown and supposedly on their own. I can't stand it. I am so thankful my parents were NOT like that.

Adamsdarling said...

I'm sure mothers like supermom become the mothers-in-law from hell.